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Cerus Energy Group

Cerus uses a formal Development Finance Program (or DFP) structure to enhance the management and placement of investment capital. Our Finance Program is suitable for long and short-term capital projects capable of producing high rates of return. The DFP both uses and optimizes a series of revenue sharing mechanisms to recover investment capital and associated fees from inner corporate investments.

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Mission Statement

Cerus Energy Group (TSX-Venture: CEA) is a Canadian-based development and holding company that is focused on the energy sector.

The company is committed to providing sustainable growth and value to the shareholders through the progressive development of niche and viable market opportunities. Cerus' network of operations and development interests provides its investors a vertically and horizontally integrated portfolio that is focused on maximizing corporate growth and shareholder value.

Corporate Strategy

The objective of the Company’s management is to aggressively seek, assess and execute viable and advantageous niche opportunities that fit with the Company's mandated strategy.

The policy of the Company is to lower shareholder’s risk exposure through the management of capital while maintaining associated operating liabilities within its operating subsidiaries.